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Getting Started

  • Who can use BEPRO?

    Anyone who belongs to a sports team can use the BEPRO’s services. From amateur to professional teams playing a variety of sports, we have a range of packages to suit the needs of any team. If you would like to get more information, please contact the customer support center within the service or

  • Can I try BEPRO service before sign in?

    Yes, you can! You can try BEPRO for free at This demo page is configured the same as the actual service provided. Check out the event data, tracking data, and physical data along with the match video. Also, try the library and messenger features that are essential tools for collaborating with team members!

Account Info

  • How can I reset my password?

    If you know your current password, you can change the password in the settings. If you don't remember, you can log out, go to "Login" and click on "Reset Password" to receive a new password to your email or mobile number.

  • I forgot my ID and password.

    Please contact us in chat, we may be able to give you a hint on your ID. We won't give out any hints on passwords, since we are not able to view user passwords ourselves.

  • I want to delete the registered devices.

    You can use up to 4 devices, so it's not required to remove any devices before that. However you can remove all devices before you want to use a 5th device in your settings.

  • How can I close my account?

    Please either send us an email to or write us in Chat.

Creating and Managing Teams

  • I want to create a new team.

    You can create a new team by clicking the + button in the team list. Newly created teams are given a 14-day free trial of the Basic Package.

  • I want to invite new members to my team.

    Copy the team invitation link from the team page and share it with your team members. When they click the link to access BEPRO, team admins and staffs will be notified about the new join request. Team admins and staff can approve or reject the request on the Members page.

  • How are the roles of admin, staff, and viewer different?

    Admins have full control over team settings and overall member management and can manage billing and subscriptions for packages used by the team. They also have authority over team schedules and video management.

    Staff have full control over team settings and member management, except for admins. They also have authority over team schedules and video management.

    Viewers can play video and view data according to team settings.

  • How can I manage members?

    Team admins and staff can approve/reject new join requests, change the roles of existing members, or remove them from the team from the Members page.

  • Are our team videos and data safe?

    Yes, of course! The team's video and data are only visible to members who have requested to join the team with valid invitation links and have been approved by the admin or staff.

    However, to prevent indiscriminate join requests, we recommend that you do not share the invitation link with those outside the team.

Match Videos

  • Can I download match videos?

    Team admins and staff can download various videos. You can directly download different videos such as event videos, in-play videos, and ball possession videos from the 'Video' tab. (Viewers cannot download the video.)

  • When will the match video be uploaded?

    If you are waiting for a fixed cam match the speed in which the match video is ready depends on the internet at your local pitch. We can give you an estimate if it's urgent, please ask us through chat.

  • Can I watch live matches?

    If you booked a live system with us you can watch your matches live. If you would like to upgrade your current system or book a new system please get in touch with us through Chat!

  • I want to access the match video and data of my previous team.

    This is not possible, you are not allowed to have access to your previous team's data and videos.

Match Data

  • I can’t access the data.

    Team admins and staff can access all data available according to the package the team is using and can set the scope of data viewers can view. Therefore, in the case of viewers, there may be data that cannot be accessed or viewed depending on the team settings.

  • There is an error in my match data.

    Sorry! Small mistakes can happen. Please notify us through chat and we will correct it as soon as possible.

  • How long does it take to complete the analysis?

    The analysis time depends highly on when the match video is received on our end. Starting from then we will analyse within 24 or 48 hours, depending on which package you booked with us.

Fixed cam scheduling and management

  • I want to upload a video of a match I filmed myself.

    Team admins and staff can create new game/training schedules and upload videos. In the Schedule tab, click the ‘Add Schedule’ button to create a new schedule and upload a video. You can upload from both web and mobile.

  • Can I upload multiple videos for one match?

    Of course! If the video files are divided into several according to the camera settings, upload the multiple video files under the schedule you created and arrange them in an appropriate order. When the upload is complete, it will play continuously as one video without interruption according to the order you have arranged.

  • I want to play only the videos within the match time.

    You can also set the match time yourself after uploading the match video. Click on [More button - Set Match time] or press the setting button on the upper left scoreboard after playing the match video to set the start time and end time of the match yourself. The newly set match time is applied equally to everyone watching the same video, so please enter the correct value as much as possible!

  • I want to register the fixed cam match/training schedule in advance.

    If you are using a BEPRO camera package, you can register a friendly match schedule in advance through the fixed cam scheduling feature. In the Schedule tab, click the ‘Add Schedule’ button and select the camera of the stadium you want to shoot. The camera will start filming automatically at the scheduled date and time, and the video will be uploaded after the recording is finished.

  • Is the schedule registered by my team visible to the opponent team?

    Schedules registered by a team are set to be visible only to that team. If you decide to share the match schedule and video with the opponent team, please contact us via chat and we will help you change the settings.


  • Who can use the Editor?

    Any team member using the Basic Package can use it.

  • I can't sign in Editor.

    Please check your user id and password, if you can't remember your password please use the "password reset" button in the login process, either on or in the Editor directly. If you can't remember your user id, please contact us in chat and we might be able to give you a hint.

  • Can I get tutorials for the Editor?

    Sure, there are video tutorials on our YouTube channel. If you prefer an in-person tutorial please ask your contact person at BEPRO or write to us in chat.

  • Where can I get the Editor installation file?

    Please login to and choose BEPRO Editor from the sidebar menu.

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